The Central Ohio Agile Association presents:

The Path to Agility

and featuring The Path to Craftsmanship

May 24 + 25, 2023
Columbus, Ohio

Past Years

2011 Sessions

2011 Sessions

List of 2011 sessions including presentations & video of sessions (if available a link will show on the screen).

Ben Blanquera : Transforming the Enterprise (CIO Panel)   Video

Isaac Montgomery : How To Measure the Impact of Your Agile Investment PDF

Michael Mah : Ugly Teams  PDF

Dave Laribee : Rules for Software Radicals  Video

Dustin Potts & Tom Paider : How Agile Supports Or Conflicts With Standards Like CMMI and SAS70?  PDF   |   Video

Alan Czako & Randy Kubacki : How Agile Saved a Failing Project  PDF

Don McGreal : Agile Games  PDF

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan : Acceptance Test Driven Development  Video

Kelly Allan : Keynote — Why Are My Answers Always Questioned?

Ken Schwaber : Keynote — Scrum Enterprise Adoption Strategies

John Huston, Jon Stahl, Mike Jones, Gene Johnson : Leading Agile Teams

Kermit Morse & Dan Wiebe : A Skeptic That Became An Advocate

Todd Kauffman, Leon Gersing, Jon Kruger, Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan, Jim Holmes & Tim Wingfield : Panel — Agile Testing

Tim Hibner, Ryan Cromwell, Nilanjan & John Dages & Barry Rogers : Panel — Agile Engineering

Jim Holmes : Agile Leadership

Matt Van Fleet : How to Connect Agile to the Organization and Maximize Business Value

Brian Hemker, Terry Wiegman, Mark Harris, Patrick Welsh & Ellen Gottesdiener : A BA/QA’s Role in an Agile Organization

Sean Heuer : Optimize Your Agile Work Environment

Ellen Gottesdiener : Structure Conversations to Add Value

Rick Ellis : Agile and Scrum are Contrary or Consistent with PMBOK

Joe Astolfi, John Jolley, Linda Farrenkopf, Mark Davidson : Making the Transition



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