The Central Ohio Agile Association presents:

The Path to Agility

and featuring The Path to Craftsmanship

May 24 + 25, 2023
Columbus, Ohio

Past Years

2014 Sessions

2014 Sessions

List of 2014 sessions, including presentations & video of sessions (if available, a link will show on the screen)

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri : Keynote – Is Programming an Art or Science?  PDF  Video

Dave Hoover : Keynote – Winning at Cooperative Games  Video

Venkat Subramaniam : Keynote – The Art of Simplicity  Video

Srini Koushik : Keynote – Innovation in an Always-On World  PDF  Video

Mary Kaufmann, Mekka Don, Kevin Fisher, Rich Langdale, Wil Schroter & Brent Stutz : Keynote – Innovation  Video

Ken Schwaber : Keynote – The State of Agile  PDF  Video

John Huston & Mary Kaufmann – Innovation Workshop: Powered by Creativity

Raju Gandhi – Gittin’ Git  PDF  Video

Elizabeth Naramore – GitHub for More than Just Code  PDF  Video

Rob Keefer – Developer Peace of Mind: Harness the Power of Flow  PDF  Video

Zach Briggs – The JavaScript Playbook  PDF  Video

Andrew Vida – Code Retreat

Christopher Avery & Scotty Bevill – The Chaos of Leadership (and the Leadership of Chaos)  Video

Chris Hefley – The Joy and Pain of Limiting Work in Process  PDF  Video

Damon Poole – Creating an Agile Culture

Sean Heuer – Team Canvas: Making Teams the Atomic Unit of Delivery

Alan Czako; Steve Farley, Tim Heller & Rob Richardson – Life After the Initial Transformation

Don McGreal – Building a Powerful Agile Learning Experience  PDF

Brandon Childers & David Lim – Beyond Agile  PDF

Jim Holmes – That Sounds Great in Practice, But…  PDF

James Goebel – The Business Value of Joy  PDF  Video

Michael (Doc) Norton – Creating a Global Engineering Culture  PDF  Video

Brian Watson – Scaling Agile While Sherpas are Throwing Rocks

Anthony Crain – Using Metrics to Understand Agile Project Health  PDF

Mark Harris, Kymberli Cassidy, Bill Gray, Jon Kruger & Joe Ours – QA is a Team Sport

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan – See the Value

Matt Anderson, Angela Metoyer & Glenn Watson – Power of Agile  PDF

Scott Preston – Chutes & Ladders & Building Software

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