A 10-Year Columbus Agile Recap, the Columbus Agile Benchmark Study, Driving Market Disruptions and Outcomes — What the Future Holds

With SCRUM’s Ken Schwaber, Michael was the first keynote for the Inaugural
Year 1 of the Path to Agility Conference. He was among the first to
recognize the time-to-market and quality promises of Agile expressed by Kent
Beck the creator of xP, when research data began rolling into a global
database maintained by his firm, QSM Associates.

Since then, he has lectured around the world on patterns and the market
disruption potential being revealed by Agile during these times of
dramatically accelerating change. Join this talk for a 10-year recap of
scaling Agile from its inceptions, and discussions on what the future

1) Agile Productivity and Defect Patterns from the COHAA Path Year 1
2) The Columbus Agile Study results recap; Silicon Valley of the Midwest
3) Scaling Agile across Enterprises – what is it about SAFe
4) The Future – Disrupting Markets – Bringing Agile’s Brain to the Business
Side and Optimizing Outcomes