A Day In The Life of Agile

Facilitator – John Huston | 10:00 – 04:30


Looking for a non-technical Day 1 session?

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This session is targeted at people of all roles that want to experience Agile and learn the core principles in the process.

This single-day agile project simulation that is engaging, educational, provocative, and fun. We divide attendees into teams and each team spends most of the day breaking down and completing an agile project. This Simulation introduces concepts like time-boxed iterations, user stories, collective estimation, commitment to a product owner for iteration scope, formal verification ritual at iteration conclusion, tracking velocity, and making results big and visible through burndown or burn-up charts. The exercise is designed to simulate not only how agile teams and practices work, but the inevitable challenges and hiccups that arise as teams attempt to adopt several such practices at the same time.


John is an experienced IT leader, generalist and agilist with over 20 years experience in the field. His passion for learning and coaching has led him to a variety of leadership roles, including Application Development, Enterprise Architecture, Quality, and Operations /Infrastructure. He has led the effort to deploy agile methods at the enterprise and team level. Since joining Pillar, John has turned his passion to the human development aspects of agile teams and is currently responsible for Talent, Learning and Development within the organization.