Advanced Scrum

You attend the two-day Scrum certification courses, pass your exam, and return to your team as a newly minted ScrumMaster—ready to take on the world. Then reality sets in. Your organization doesn’t understand the changes they are being asked to make, the developers have not bought in to agile practices, and your product owner has not been seen for days. Now what?

Ryan Ripley addresses the most often asked—but seldom discussed—questions that ScrumMasters face during their projects. These questions range from What is management’s role on a scrum project? to How do we manage dependencies between scrum and traditional projects?

Ryan provides a framework to approach the many challenging situations a ScrumMaster faces. Learn how to tackle the difficult situations not covered in the two-day courses and grow your understanding of agile and scrum. Be sure to bring your questions so Ryan and your peers can work through them with you. Leave with a new appreciation for Scrum and what it takes to work in the real world.