Agile Performance Holarchy

As more companies seek the benefits of Agile within and beyond IT, Agile Leaders need to build and sustain capability while scaling agility – no easy task – and they need to succeed without introducing unnecessary process and overhead.

The Agile Performance Holarchy is an empirical model for Agile leaders that provides guidance for scaling and sustaining agility and capability throughout a modern technology organization. The APH is drawn from lessons learned while observing and assessing hundreds of agile companies and teams. It is not a process or a hierarchy, but a “Holarchy,” centered around a series of Performance Circles with embedded “holons” that reflect the behaviors of high performing Agile organizations. The Agile Performance Holarchy provides implementation guidance in the areas of Leadership, Values, Teaming, Visioning, Governing, Building, Supporting, and Engaging within an all-Agile organization.