Agile Strategies for Application Modernization

Are you salivating over the potential of microservices, DevOps and cloud for your organization but struggling to get the business to take the leap? You’d love to fire up development teams to replace all your custom applications with code that is loosely-coupled, stateless and has 10 other essential factors. But no one has the appetite to pay for a multiyear rip-and-replace to move your current apps to another new technology stack. It’s become increasingly clear that you need to work a miracle – continuously delivering new functionality for the business while totally reworking your systems – if you ever hope to modernize your architecture, processes and platforms.

Sounds hopeless … unless you use your experience with Agile delivery to guide how you think about application modernization. Taking the example of migrating custom applications to the cloud, Kevin Fox, ICC’s Director of Enterprise Architecture, lays out practical strategies for modernizing an application portfolio without the excruciating pain of a big-bang move. Based on industry-proven implementation patterns, these strategies make it realistic for IT departments to continuously adopt the latest and greatest technology approaches while still delivering value to the business.