How to Work With Me – Generations in the Workplace from a Professional Millennial

For the first time ever, four generations are all co-existing in the workplace together. With this being true, many are asking how do we all work together?

Here the story of a millennial that a broken all stereotypes and taken corporate America by storm, coaching teams, departments, and executive through agile implementations and transformations.

This tale includes the ups and downs of working across multiple generations and dives deep into the research discovering what makes each generation tick.

Find out from a millennial what it is like to work with boomers, Xers, and Y’s and learn tools and techniques any generation can utilize to break through the barriers and create a productive, high-performing environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • The audience will be exposed to and learn a new perspective on generational research and what actually makes each generation tick.
  • The audience will learn The Responsibility Process, a process model that can be utilized to break through the barriers of the generations and create a common language.
  • The audience will hear a true story from a millennial about our perspective in the workplace and what is like to work with the Boomers, Xers, and Ys.