LEAF: A framework for leaders

I believe that leadership teams should practice what they preach. If we want teams to live the Agile values and work in highest value order with complete transparency and accountability, we need to practice in our daily lives.

This talk will cover several Agile & Lean techniques that our company has been practicing and adapting alongside our customers over the past 6 years.

“Seeing the Whole” includes customers, projects, applications, people, leadership, financials and Standard Work.  We will discuss what it means to see the whole and  explore a few examples of how forward-thinking leaderships teams have accomplished this.

Managing backlog at the software product level is much easier than managing backlog at the leadership team level. How can leaders share a common personal time-management practice to work through their backlog?  We will discuss the practice of “Inbox Zero” as well as other techniques aimed at creating a high-performing, “T-Shaped” leadership team that prioritizes the highest value goals of the day.

Decision making is another common challenge that can bog down the workflow. To address this challenge, we will cover several proven, lightweight practices aimed at reducing the waste that analytical people often encounter when trying to come to consensus.

We will also share collaboration techniques to balance autonomy and control while adapting to achieve business, customer, and people delight.  We will focus on maintaining the correct cadence of ceremonies and meetings, while striving to keep it Lean.