Agile 101? It’s All Fun & Games!

Our Agile Community members asked for it. We delivered. It was awesome.

As our Agile Community of Practice got underway we started to hear a common request: “We want an Agile 101 class”. This request was successfully fulfilled by the Agility Center of Excellence. Notably, we didn’t outsource the teaching. Instead, we created and implemented our own “Understanding and Embracing Agile @ CAS” workshop consisting of several of our own unique lessons.

When planning and implementing the pilot for our Agile training workshop we desired a wide diversity of participants. We knew our students would be colleagues from all over the Technology division. This meant vastly different age groups, different levels of professional experience, and most importantly, different levels of Agility. We decided our workshop would not be a typical 101 basics class, it would be a workshop where our lessons were applicable and valuable to anyone, no matter what their Agile experience level.

During this workshop we will engage you with some of the activities we delivered for our fellow Agile Community members. Test your understanding of the 12 Agile principles by applying real-life scenarios to them, all while competing against other teams to win the Agile Quiz Bowl. Challenge common misconceptions of Agile with other group members and earn some “cents” in our Agile Fact vs. Fiction game. Intrigue your teams and get them really thinking with some refreshing, creative ways to understand and embrace Agile!