Anthony Crain

Anthony has lead enterprise organizational change initiatives since 1999 for IBM and since 2015 for Blue Agility. He is known for his outstanding mentoring and teaching abilities, clearly explaining the practical side to theoretical concepts in an exciting and actionable manner. He is a dynamic speaker who tends to energize his audience.

He has introduced thousands of people to agile, portfolio management, requirements, architecture, and numerous other engineering topics at multiple events including IBM Interconnect, two COHAA “The Path to Agile” conferences, eight Rational Innovate Conferences, the Rational European Technical Conference (where he had the privilege of presenting six times and was rated the best speaker), to over 800 IBM partners, at the Share conference, at an IEEE conference and in private and public training venues including as a Keynote Speaker at a financial serves company’s engineering week.  His audience sizes have ranged from 6 to 300 people, from every development discipline and to every level from practitioner to VPs and CxOs.

He has led transformations in many diverse industries including commercial banking, software development, automotive, healthcare, financial, government, retail, automated controls, manufacturing, power, telecom, home mortgage and more.