Are You Being Agile or Acting Agile?

For many years, Agile Transformation has emphasized a need to get IT projects done quicker, at less cost and with better quality. Whereas these tenets still remain pertinent, Agile Transformation is now being more heavily pursued by business organizations where IT is simply a component to success versus a main ingredient. Moreover, companies are looking at establishing product versus project centric cultures to focus on making sure that maximized value is being delivered to their end customers versus simply getting a project completed on-time and under budget. Metrics, such as NPS and increased profit are now at the forefront of Agile initiatives rather than project velocity and backlog burn down.

In essence, the Agile Transformation Paradigm involves leveraging the idea that business is all about evolution, and embraces it by breaking processes down into iterative, manageable activities that maximize immediate customer value. The focus is on resolving pains rather than the multi-year “rip and replace” approach. It focuses on quickly implementing a new process/value stream and supporting technology to continually take advantage of innovation and customer need. This process of iteratively evolving a business to be better always continues.

This presentation is geared towards anyone interested in establishing or optimizing an Agile culture. Moreover, it is helpful for organizational business leaders and operational management that want to understand what is required and an action plan, i.e., roadmap, to have their business and/or functional organization embrace an Agile culture that optimizes processes as well as technology solutions. In essence, being Agile versus acting Agile.