Automating Testing in the Iteration

Terry Wiegmann & Ayan Dave | 01:30 – 02:45


Agile Avengers Assemble!

Do your projects sometimes seem to have been chartered by a demon like Loki?

Is your team made up of superheroes and highly skilled specialists on a mission to avenge poor software practices? Do you want to take your superpowers to a new level?

Are you thinking that automating testing within the iteration just might be the Tesserac that will get you off late-cycle test/debug treadmill and back to adding value and wondering how others did it?

Join Terry Wiegmann and Ayan Dave as they share their experience on an Agile Avengers Initiative of their own.

Hear how a collection of strangers came together, formed a team and articulated their Definition of Done then tackled the challenges of automating tests within the iteration using gherkin and the gherkinSalad framework; all the while making mistakes, learning how to leverage disparate skills, sharing learning, continuously improving their practices and having fun.

You’re sure hear something new, something that validates your thinking or something that extends it.


She might not be the Black Widow, but Terry Wiegmann was an Awesome Woman in Agile nominee! When she is not conquering ineffective software practices, she is a Director and Service Line Lead with Quick Solutions. She is one of the few people in the world to be both a Certified Business Analysis Professional and Certified Software Quality Engineer, and is also a PSPO and Advanced Gold Toastmaster. Her roots are in concurrent engineering and on her past several projects has been blending business analysis and quality engineering and testing skills to add value to her team.

Ayan Dave is a software engineer with eight years of experience in building and delivering high quality applications using languages and components in JVM ecosystem. He is passionate about software development and enjoys exploring open source projects. He is enthusiastic about Agile & Extreme Programming and frequently advocates for them. Over the years he has provided consulting service to several organizations and has played many different roles. Most recently he is the “Architectus Oryzus” for a small project team with big ideas and subscribes to the idea that running code is the system of truth.

Ayan has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Houston Clear Lake and holds PMP, PSM and OCMJEA certifications. He is also a speaker on various technical topics at local user groups and community events. He currently lives in Columbus Ohio where works with Quick Solutions Inc. In the digital world he can be found at