Be Ready, Be Done: The Art of Slicing Stories

“Can I have my cake and eat it too?  Of course, as long as it is one slice at a time!”

Do you love the idea of capturing customer requirements with lightweight user stories, but are struggling?

Although user stories have been around since the early days of agile and fairly ubiquitous, teams continue to struggle with creating effective user stories that are truly useful in communicating the essence of the customer need and establishing the shared understanding between themselves and their customers.

In this session, we’ll revisit established patterns and principles of user stories and learn concrete strategies for creating user stories that capture our customer’s needs, as well as tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls that many teams fall into when they first begin working with user stories.  Leveraging easy to understand everyday examples we will learn to apply proven strategies and patterns to create small pieces of useful, testable functionality, and explore strategies for getting stories to “ready” and “done”.