Beyond Kotter- Is It Time to Change How We Change?

This session, delivered by Professor Richard Jolly of Kellogg School of Management, builds on his 24 years of studying organizational change and even longer time spent consulting with organizations to help them manage change effectively. During the session, we will explore the ways in which traditional change frameworks are increasingly unhelpful. We will explore why change so often fails in organizations, the four elements of an effective change process and focus on practical advice for how this relates to the agile community. Ensuring that you are effective in getting your advice implemented is critical to building the impact and influence of the agile community…

  • Understand various techniques and approaches and strategies to actually ignite meaningful sustainable behavioral change by world class practitioners and educators
  • Understand, integrate, reflect, plan for action
  • Desire after we’ve talked about the stories / capabilities – go deeper – how do you build capability/ change behavior
  • Hear, think, reflect on changing behavior – what will it take to change leader behavior to do something in different way
  • Gain new perspective on change as an ongoing process of experimentation, learning, and course-adjustment