Breaking Down Scrum Values with Martial Arts

**Warning** – You may need safety glasses… there will be kicks, punches, boards breaking and splinters flying… with a grand finale you may never forget!!

The Scrum framework is meaningless without the Scrum values. The five values; focus, openness, courage, commitment, and respect are at the core of Scrum. These values are extremely important yet challenging for individuals and teams to embrace and live by day to day while on their agile journey. Everyone knows what these words mean, but without gaining a deeper understanding it will be difficult to truly see the value they bring to individuals, teams, and organizations.

In this session, we will talk through each of the five Scrum values while tying into examples from the TaeKwonDo martial art. By understanding the Scrum values through a martial arts lens, you will be able to explain why these values are so important and what you and your teams can accomplish by living these values!