Case Study: The Incremental Re-Write

Some applications need to live for the foreseeable future, but within the world of technology, every choice is a gamble, unknowing whether or the application or tool you chose is going to last the long term or fall short. Utilizing the right technology promotes not only business growth and delivery, but also creates a good culture by providing something people want to work with, and in turn provides better and faster delivery!

The external world has seen significant changes in Abercrombie over the last few years in terms of diversity and growth, but that change is also reflected internally, trying to stay on top of internal culture and promote a workplace with up-to-date technologies, and that does lead to some significant challenges. It’s time to accomplish the ultimate tech debt: retire 20-year-old technology running the e-commerce website and use something people want to use instead. But how do we make this shift without cutting back on incoming features? How do we plan around migrating pages that fundamentally have more features than any one person, or document, knows exist? This is a story of our project from inception of measurements and their goals to pieces which are done, and future implementations all done incrementally, without going dark from the business initiatives. This review will go over the highlights of the problems and solutions found throughout the project, areas of culture improvements such as team autonomy and team accountability, and what we are all looking forward to in the future.