Coaching Teams using Team-Storyboard

Do you ever wish to scientifically coach your teams so that they can daily evolve their work-practices to cope with various challenges?

This hands-on workshop uses Kata Thinking Pattern as a way for teams to resolve various challenges. This while their manager acts as coach and facilitated by the Team-Storyboard.

Team-Storyboard is the basic construct of the Kata Thinking Pattern that the team owns. It incorporates data and facts about the team including its challenge, current practices, target practice, obstacles, and their experiments. Owning the Team-Storyboard coupled with daily coaching by the manager enables deliberate practice needed to form desired habits.

Deliberate practice of Scientific Thinking serves the forming of new desired work habits that can modify organizational culture towards agility. Specifically, when managers coach their teams daily on Scientific Thinking, teams will have tools to resolve ever changing challenges.