Compile and Execute Requirements in .NET

David Starr | 01:30 – 02:45


Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) offer new ways to think about developer testing. These approaches evolve the conversation of Test-Driven Development and bridge the gap between those asking for the software and those delivering it.

This session discusses technologies and techniques that are paving our path to achieving executable specifications in .NET. This talk includes real examples of applying it in software projects and introductions to techniques and tools evolving in this dynamic space. This session shows that these techniques are usable on real projects, and helps you see if it they are appropriate to your next project.

Learning points

  • Know how BDD and ATDD can aide in helping developers talk to business analysts
  • Understand various tools and techniques for testing software using the BDD model
  • Understand the emerging field of executable specification on the .NET stack.


David Starr is the Chief Craftsman for where he works to improve the professional of software development. He focuses on agile software development, the Visual Studio ALM platform, and patterns and practices in .NET.  He enjoys helping software development teams improve and expressing human intent to computers.

David is a technical contributor at Pluralsight, a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP, and the founder of the blogging community He has over 20 years of software development experience, most of them spent practicing adaptive engineering techniques like test-first development and reducing wait time between feedback cycles.