Daryl Kulak

Daryl Kulak is an author, speaker and consultant helping his clients move toward more value-driven software development. He uses Agile, Lean Startup, Software Craftsmanship, SAFe and systems thinking, among others, to help corporations, government agencies and nonprofits improve their ability to provide true value through software delivery. He is very interested in systems thinking and hopes to popularize it and introduce audiences to its power and possibility.

Daryl has been using iterative/incremental practices since 1998. Daryl’s first book was “Use Cases: Requirements in Context (Addison Wesley, 2003), Written with Eamonn Guiney, it sold 30,000 copies and was translated into Chinese and Japanese. His second book, which he co-authored with Dr. Hong Li, is called “The Journey to Enterprise Agility: Systems Thinking and Organizational Legacy” (Springer International, 2017).