Deliberate Practice in an Agile Environment

Have you ever been a part of a team that attended some form of Agile training for a day or so, and then expected to go forth and be Agile?  Or, even worse, have you ever been asked to help a team improve, but the team found themselves too busy to improve?  

I unfortunately have said yes to both of these questions and for each, the result wasn’t good and as a leader of the teams impacted — I failed them.  After these and many more frustrating experiences, I set out to figure out what needs to change in order to improve the outcomes and help make people awesome.  In this session, I want to share what I discovered.

During this interactive session, we’ll brainstorm the areas that we struggle, explore the aspects of becoming good and high-performing, and we’ll establish a baseline

understanding of agile practices.  We’ll dive into the concept of deliberate practice and look at how we create an environment that enables deliberate practice to occur.  Finally, we’ll wrap-up with a group discovery of practices the we’ve used in the field to overcome the areas that we struggle.

Please join me for an outcome focused coaching session.

Learning Objectives*: 

  • Be able to explain the three core components of Deliberate Practice.
  • Understanding of how our mindset is impacted by the habits we have, the environment, and it’s shaped through practice.
  • Know how to establish an environment that fosters and supports a learning based, Deliberate Practice environment.
  • Know how to explain to leadership the value Deliberate Practice and how to incorporate it into our busy work demands.