Transforming Trends Into Business Value

Scot Burdette | 01:30 – 02:45


Organizations cannot be average in today’s business climate.  Driving business value begins with an understanding of the leading trends facing your business in a highly competitive market.  Successful Information Technology leaders must transform technology and business trends into competitive advantages.

This interactive session will show you how to move the conversation beyond “How” agile development works, to explain “What” your agile organization should be delivering and “Why”.  Driving real business value through transformation is critical for your business sponsors and stakeholders in today’s economy.


For 28 years Scot has designed, developed and delivered enterprise solutions producing measureable business value.  Since 2002, Scot has led ICC’s Application and Integration Services (AIS) division to rapid growth through the creation of integrated solutions to unique challenges facing national and global businesses. Through ICC’s business centric agile approach, ICC develops high value solutions to complex technical and business requirements.