Destroy the Death Star Using Agile

Destroy the Death Star Using Agile!
(or tricks for quicker successful agile adoption)

Agile methodology is the new norm. Many organizations have already committed to the journey of full adoption and transformation, and many more are embarking on that journey. Regardless of where you are on your journey, this fun session will explore proven techniques to drive your agile transformation – delivered with a dash of humor!

One of the principles inherent to all agile frameworks is a focus on pervasive improvement. However, that implies change, and that is never as simple as it might first appear – true change is hard! Also, improvement techniques have a rich history that extend back far beyond the birth of the agile movement (hence the relatively recent resurgence of interest in Lean Thinking). So, our focus needs to be on identifying and choosing the best options for improvement, understanding and embracing limitations on the appetite for change, and making smart decisions on when/what to change. Whether you are just starting out, or a mature Agile organization, you can improve your adoption more rapidly by applying some simple proven strategies.