Storming, Norming, Platforming: Our Approach to Developing a Developer-­Friendly Ecosystem

Riddle me this: How many people does it take to bring an enterprise into the Cloud era? How much will it cost?  How long will it take?   What are the challenges that we will encounter?  What are the problems we are trying to solve?  Of course, security plays a huge factor – does that change anything? These are all tough, but relevant questions.

In addition, our clients are caffeinated, tech-savvy, and under high-pressure deadlines to deliver elegant solutions for cutting-edge, complex systems – all at warp speed within an agile framework.  We need to be able to anticipate their needs ast they adjust to our customers’.

So, how can we stay one step ahead of them?  These are some of the challenges that our team faces every day.  This is Fuse’s work-in-progress story of how we are building a nimble, scalable, repeatable, and secure platform that enables our developers to transform requirements into customer value more effectively and efficiently as we change The Future of Health and Wellness.