Don’t Let Fear Limit Your Growth

Improvement is a big subject in most workplaces. Odds are the desire for new improvement ideas is a big reason you are at this conference. Many of the best ideas for improvement will never get a chance, though. When brought into the work environment you will start to hear the reasons why they won’t work. Some of my favourite’s start like:

  • “That’s nice in theory, but it’s not possible to do that here because ‘¦”
  • “That’s not the way we’ve always done it ‘¦”
  • “Yes, but, in the REAL WORLD ‘¦”

What if you knew the only reason change is not possible is due to limiting beliefs and mindsets? The limiting beliefs of leaders and the team members. In other words, there’s a good chance its fear holding you back and not a circumstance.

In this session, you will experience what it means to be aware of and confront fear. We will explore how fear triggers the human mind and how they form limiting beliefs. You will leave with a tool you can use to safely talk about fear on your team. When you and those you lead talk about a fear you increase the power you have over the limiting beliefs you’ve created.

Leadership is one of the most complex and rewarding things you can do in life. Leaders at all levels must face their own fears while leading others to do the same. The degree to which you can see and confront fear will be the degree to which you and your team can improve.

Don’t let fear limit your growth or that of your team!