Eating Your Own Dog Food!

Matt VanVleet & DJ Daugherty | 10:00 – 11:15


There are many Agile Practices that sound radical and often people ask “Do you do that on your own internal projects?”.  Well yes we do.  This presentation will walk through a project that uses advanced agile practices.  This project does crazy things like:

  • Deploys to production many times a week
  • Throws out the backlog every week or two
  • Tracks value not points
  • etc.

Come learn how we “Eat our own dog food” and you will likely find an Agile Practice that you could get additional value from.


Mr. Van Vleet holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Ohio University. He joined Pillar in 2005 as Vice President of Fulfillment for the Ohio Valley Region after years of notable accomplishments. Matt has developed a testing practice focused on functional test automation and application performance management. Mr. Van Vleet founded a company, Solstice Software, that wrote Automated Unit and Integration Testing Products and continues to push the envelope of what is possible with test automation. Within Pillar he is one of the key innovators around our approach, Speed To Value, focusing on the critical areas of project management practices, requirements management, and test driven development. Due to Matt’s skills and experience, he has developed Pillar’s Practice Management model that maximizes the impact of productivity by enforcing those proven concepts and training.

DJ has been using state models and asynchronous processing for many
years to solve business problems for companies of all sizes.  As small
as a logistics software company responsible for the routing of trucks,
a web hosting company responsible for the handling of website malware
detection, to large-scale financial electronic processing and natural
gas logistics management.  I currently freelance within the technology
and agile world along side Pillar Technology Consultants.  I like to
create business solutions for business problems… this might include
the use of technology.  I am all about people.  I love to take
seemingly complex problems and find simple solutions, providing
business value and hopefully a great return on investment.  I am a big
fan of the under-rated vi editor and I love to ‘eat, sleep, and
breathe’… fly fishing.