Elevating the Way of Work Over the Work Leadership

Here is the story of Berti, a manager who changed her leadership style to coaching her team on modifying their Way of Work as their primary means of delivery. There are activities during this session so that participants can share their insights.

I propose that the team’s WoW determines the product’s quality, and how our customers will love this product. The more our customer loves the product, the more able the organization will be to achieve its business goal.

When Berti shifted from managing the delivery to coaching her people to modify their WoW, she enabled team learning. The faster the teams learn, the sooner they can achieve their goals.

Learning from deliberate practice is how teams grow to navigate the uncertainties inherent in product development.

By coaching her team to daily modify their WoW, Berti has unleashed a new form of relationship with her people that promoted surfacing problems and solving them.

This session can be particularly relevant if you are a manager, team leader, Scrum Master, or senior leader.

I look forward to learning from your insights.