Explosive Growth Without Killing the Culture

Growth when poorly managed can kill agility and destroy culture. As a high-performing team grows from 3 to 9 or even to 90, the complexities multiply, and it can feel like there are no viable solutions. Nexus, LeSS, and SAFe provide patterns for growth, but applying these frameworks to real-word scenarios is tricky at best and can feel next to impossible at worst. The stakes are high for our teams and there isn’t always time to stop and figure it all out.

In this session, we will discuss the real-world challenges we are embracing at CoverMyMeds to harness the power of organizational growth for the benefit of our mission – to help patients get the meds they need to live healthy lives. We’ll discuss some of the changes we’ve made along the way to our org structure, workflow, and processes – all while protecting our culture, agility, and speed of delivery. We’ll also give you our take on what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what we’ve learned on the journey.

Growth happens and brings a ton of opportunity and change with it. Make sure it’s not at the expense of your culture.