The Responsibility Process

Let’s have a conversation about taking ownership of life and work. Far too many good, motivated, hard-working people get stuck in jobs they don’t want, projects gone bad, work problems and careers they don’t enjoy, and companies they resent. It happens to individual contributors and it happens to leaders. It can happen to us all. Mastering self-direction and leadership starts with mastering responsibility. Mastering responsibility releases the victim mentality, turns coping into growing, and transforms talking about problems into solving problems. Those who practice responsibility identify and own what they really really want — and go for it. They change how they organize, follow and participate in their world, which in turn leads to enjoying far greater productivity, self-direction, shared leadership, and good will. When you learn about, apply, and practice The Responsibility Process (discovered, documented, and perfected over the last 30 years) you too can discover for yourself how you are far more powerful and able than you likely give yourself credit for. The Responsibility Process fosters a natural pattern in your mind; a process that you can repeat and rely on to create change and behaviors that matter.