Frameworks are Like New Golf Clubs, They Won’t Fix a Terrible Swing:  How Understanding the Principles of Agile is the First Step

We have all been there, a shiny new and improved framework is released and we must implement it, but is this always the answer to improve your Agile organization? Frameworks are needed and provide guidelines for teams but if the teams/companies do not follow the principles and fundamentals of the Agile Manifesto it makes it very difficult for the framework to be successful. The belief is that switching up the specific framework is the answer but they soon realize that the framework is not the main issue that is the driving force. This can leave the teams/companies in a tough situation after committing to a framework that they are not ready for.

I will be sharing my experiences across multiple industries on how this assumption has let them down and how we had to return the teams back to the fundamentals to solve the issues they are experiencing. I will focus on the need to “nail the basics” and not overlook the principles of the Agile Manifesto that drive all frameworks.