Future-Proofing Your Career

Software development is the single most difficult undertaking we attempt. The work itself is non-compressible, brain intensive and prone to errors of understanding and construction. The problems we work on get larger and ever more complex.

In the past 35 years we’ve moved from monolithic programs to microservices. Our languages have shifted from procedural to functional programming languages. And the number of languages in play continues to grow. My cell phone has more memory than the 14 PdPs and 5 VAXes my first client used to control 100 acres of manufacturing plant.

Teams, organization structure impact our daily work. This creates differing goals, conflicting agendas and diverging activities.

What’s a developer to do so they don’t fall behind and become dinosaurs?

Come to this session and find at least one way to stay current with change and remain competent in the never ending technology and organizational shifts.