Get Momentum: Five Questions to Ask to Get Started

After more than 14 hours together, we’re all about to leave this year’s conference with more ideas than we can remember and more to-dos than we’ll have time to do. How do you prioritize? How do you make sure that what you DO do is the best thing TO do? And, what can you do as a result of attending this conference to continue learning, developing and experimenting with agile?

Jason knows how powerful a well-crafted and well-placed question can be. Starting in 2001, when a college professor asked Jason a single question that changed the direction of his life until just last month when his 4th book was published, Jason has been studying the impact of thinking about thinking. And, taking micro-actions to improve your work and your life. Be sure you get a copy of his book, and join him as he closes the conference sharing with us the 5 questions to ask to get anything started.