How to Make an Elephant Run? – The Journey of 25,000 IT Employees at JPM Chase

Have you ever wondered how Agile could make a considerable difference in a 25K employee technology organization? – A question we continued to grapple knowing how well the levers of a large organization work towards maintaining the status quo. At JPMorgan Chase, we faced that exact challenge in 2014. Our leadership team recognized the benefits of adopting ‘Agile’ in our organization and our journey evolved from Scrum to Spotify to spotLess (Spotify + LeSS + JPMChase business-specific process ). We have grown as an organization taking more evolutionary approaches that have led us to become an engineering product-centric organization. In 2014 Craig Larman shared our case study at Infoq (

At JPMorgan Chase’s Consumer Community Banking division, everything we do is for the Community, By the Community, unto the Community. With Digital awareness within communities, the customer has been at the center of the transformation journey. It is increasingly evident that consumers expect the monolithic banking industry to deliver product and services that provide rich consumer experience at all touch points. We will time travel together to 2014 and would start our journey from the past. At each milestone, we will discuss what we did and the outcome of it.

I will focus on Technology aspect of this transformation along with the learning in People and Process arena. I will share how to do the initial skill gap analysis by using T-Shape skill assessment tool. Also things other than process tool, which made us successful in our journey? I learned that processes can’t compensate for the lack of relationship. Our goal is to share our learning to ensure stronger growth together as one community.