How to Undermine Agile Transformations

Undermining an Agile Transformation is something many people, unfortunately, experience. This leads to Waterfall projects in Agile sheep’s clothing. The fox is in the hen house and is running amok. The root mechanism to undermining agile is no different than undermining any other idea. In this talk, I’ll share my real world experience with agile transformations and the hidden mechanisms that make it harder than most people realize. The goal is bring to light the mechanisms that can cause so many transformation efforts to fail. We’ll cover some the techniques that transformation coaches accidentally use that cause them to undermine themselves. As Jerry Weinberg said, “No matter how it looks at first, it’s always a people problem.” This remains true, but the question is how. We’ll cover the key critical escalating steps that are used to undermine agile as well as 6 ways agile coaches undermine themselves.