Improving Predicability Using an Action Research Process

Humans are horrible at estimation, and senior level resources are estimating with 10 year old stale experience. Using Organizational Development Theory’s Action Research process, we were able to quantify estimation issues that were a direct link to a waterfall annual planning process. Estimates ranged from 300%-1000% inaccurate which was devastating to our ability to commit appropriate feature roadmaps to our clients. Through this learning we developed a three phased action plan to introduce better planning process from idea to value to our customers.

Phase 1: Vertical Decomposition
Phase 2: PI Planning at a Global Scale
Phase 3: Organization Construct

Participants will learn how to identify organizational planning and construct issues, as well as how to implement PI Planning at an Enterprise level. Participants will also walk away with the knowledge of how to construct a product focused weak matrix organizational construct, which will enable their organization to maximize product delivery while enabling frameworks, standards and practices across all product groups.