Introduction to Context Specification – Behavior Driven Development

Phil Japikse | 01:30 – 02:45


Improved Quality. Better Design. SOLID Code. These are all benefits of driving your design with tests. But where Test Driven Development falls short is in retaining the User’s Voice. User Stories are a great tool, but not always a natural way of speaking for non-geeks. I will show you the power of writing Context Specifications in the User’s voice, and then use Machine.Specifications (MSpec) to turn those specs into test driven code that all parties can understand! I assume the attendees have a solid foundation in Test Driven Development.


An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, MCSD, CSM, and CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community, Phil Japikse has been working with .Net since the first betas, developing software for over 20 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil works as the Agile Practices Evangelist for Telerik’s Agile Project Management Division (, serves as the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User’s Group and the Cincinnati Software Architect Group, and is the host of the Zero To Agile podcast ( Phil also founded Agile Conferences, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to advancing agile in all aspects of software development. Phil also serves as Cub Master for his sons’ Cub Scout Pack, volunteers for the National Ski Patrol, and is a recently retired Firefighter/Paramedic. You can follow Phil on twitter via and read his blog at