James Sweet

Regional Agile Delivery Lead, The Eliassen Group

James Sweet is currently a Regional Agile Delivery lead for Eliassen Group’s Agile Practice utilizing over ten years of Agile experience to provide oversight and leadership to the delivery of Agile services to Eliassen’s clients. His responsibilities include Enterprise Agile Transformations, Executive Agile Coaching and Agile Training Delivery.

With over a decade of consulting experience in the financial services, software, telecommunications, healthcare, cable and manufacturing industries he has successfully helped clients adopt the principles of Agile.

James’s other roles have including Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Team Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach Agile Trainer and Agile Transformation Agent.

Using his experience and practical knowledge of Agile, James is a frequent, dynamic speaker at regional Agile conferences and events with a focus on the application of Agile principles. He focuses on the business at large as a way to enable organizations to identify the most important initiatives or opportunities and respond in a timely, effective, and sustainable way.

He has been a speaker at many different conferences, including but not limited to- Agile RTP (2014), Agile Dallas (2014) and Agile Denver (2013- Current)