Lean/Scientific Thinking for Product Development

This activity demonstrates a way for product teams to adopt Lean/Scientific Thinking (L/ST) to learn how to achieve various business goals. 

You are going to participate in an activity to gain a hands-on understanding of how to use L/ST to achieve the team’s business goals.  Also, you will understand the manager’s role in coaching teams to scientifically navigate complexity. 

Many teams use a variation of an Agile framework that sometimes renders it into pointless mechanical ceremonies. The team’s outcomes and behaviors are affected by wastes injected by these ceremonies. Moreover, the experimental mindset needed for innovation is replaced by a risk-avert form of delivery.

Lean ST is a way for product teams to work together to increase the speed of learning. Speed of delivery is a by-product of enabling team learning.

I hope that you will find this activity joyful and look forward to learning from your insights.