Lean Software Development

Dan Greenleaf & Dr. Charles Suscheck | 01:30 – 02:45


Agile frameworks like Scrum and XP are gaining popularity in the marketplace, but there’s something missing – what do you do when the teams begin to plateau with Scrum, multiple teams are contributing to a project or multiple product lines are being simultaneously developed, or executives need more a better understanding of the large-scale view of the development organization?  Much of the answer lies in lean software development – an evolutionary step in agile processes.

Lean is a philosophy that manufacturing and software organizations have adopted to develop the agility needed to meet overwhelming global challenges — reducing waste, enhancing iteration speed, and continuous improvement through improved innovation.  By viewing your Agile development cycles in conjunction with Lean Software principles, you will find guidelines at the enterprise level to add value to the company and quickly deliver the valuable software to your customers.

If you think of lean as six sigma, kanban, or a competing ideology to agile then this presentation is for you.  It will clarify much of the confusion around lean software development.


Dan GreenLeaf is an Agile Coach, Mentor, Team Member and Evangelist.
He began his career as a Business Analyst in a traditional command and
control environment. After learning about agile, he sought out and
joined his first Agile team in 2005, and has found Agile to be more
productive, and more enjoyable than traditional environments. Dan has
a passion for helping people deliver better software by leveraging
Agile values and principles. He is a board member of COHAA, and is
currently responsible for programming. He also enjoys presenting at
conferences and events. Dan joined Improving Enterprises in 2011,
where he has focused on the people and interactions side of Agile,
helping multiple organizations change not just their process, but
their culture.

Dr. Charles Suscheck specializes in software development methodologies
and project management and has over 25 years of professional
experience in information technology.  Dr. Suscheck has held positions
of Process Architect, Director of Research, Principle Consultant, and
Professional Trainer at some of the most recognized companies in
America.  He has spoken at national and international conferences such
as Agile 20XX, OOPSLA, ECOOP, and Borcon on topics related to project
management.  He has also has over 30 articles published in academic
and industry journals.