Linda Podder

Linda Podder is a passionate learner and full-time internal Scrum Master at Hyland in Cleveland. She has experience working across multiple methologies; Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban. She was instrumental in helping launch Hyland’s first SAFe implementation, and continues to work with additional SAFe programs as they launch. Linda loves to help teams solve problems by encouraging them to explore, innovate, and celebrate their failures as much as their successes. She is passionate about introducing as many of her teams to Agile engineering practices such as pair programming and testing, mob programming, and TDD. She appeared at ‘Women in
Agile 2017’, as part of the ‘New Voices’ session, and is excited to be giving her first full conference talk! Outside of work, she loves to game with her family and take pictures of her fluffy black cats.