Never Would I Ever Do What?

NEVER would I EVER do what? What do you believe you would NEVER do in the world of agile? What do you think must ALWAYS be done? Words like NEVER, ALWAYS, MUST, and SHOULD mark the border of our beliefs and biases. As agile coaches and mentors, our professional beliefs and biases may collide with others, and sometimes we don’t even realize what’s happening until it’s too late. We can’t help our clients get beyond the limits of their beliefs and biases unless we’re aware of our own.

Let’s challenge our personal collections of agile never’s, always, musts and should’s. In other words – join us for an interactive session where we will play with our our agile non-negotiables. Using a new agile game adapted from the popular game “Never Would I Ever” – we will tap into the diversity of experience and beliefs of Agile2018 participants to examine circumstances where a NEVER might become an experiment in MAYBE. Along the way, we’ll examine the “why” behind our own deeply held agile beliefs and practice the art of humble inquiry (the gentle art of asking) to better understand the perspective of others.

Never would you ever want to miss this session!