Our Teams Are Dysfunctional and It’s All Our Fault!

Ours teams are dysfunctional. And guess what, it’s our fault! People are messy. We have family issues, health problems, bad days, professional weaknesses, and personality flaws. Put us together with all of our imperfections and it’s amazing than anything gets done. This doesn’t mean we should let certain dysfunctional behaviors and practices go unaddressed. In fact, courageously confronting dysfunction is absolutely critical to team success!

As dysfunctional people ourselves we can unintentionally make a challenging situation worse. We will discuss coaching skills that can help us navigate the bumpy, dysfunctional road towards high performance. And as with any skill, getting better requires practice and help from our peers!

In this workshop you will break up into small groups and work together to discuss, analyze, and solve real-life dysfunctions. We present the dysfunction, you utilize your coaching skills to present the solution! Warning: some of us may have been the root cause of the dysfunctions in the past!