Passion: What Agile Self-Organizing Teams Can Learn from Eco-Pirates

What can Agile teams learn from the passion and self-organizing attributes of environmental activists and eco-pirates like Sea Shepherd, featured in the Animal Planet hit TV series, “Whale Wars?”

Join our speaker, Michael Mah, who traveled with Sea Shepherd to Taiji Japan as part of their Cove Guardian team to help stop the slaughter of thousands of dolphins, as featured in the Oscar-winning documentary, “The Cove.” When not flying airplanes and chasing dolphin killers, Michael is a past Path to Agility Keynote Speaker, and international lecturer on Agile Productivity, Software Measurement and Estimating as the managing partner of QSM Associates, Inc. and the Benchmark Practice Director for Cutter Consortium.

Hear his take on what passionate teams muster to move a needle towards a “tipping point,” and what software professionals might draw from a global environmental conservation movement.