Perfect Strangers: How Project Managers and Developers Relate and Succeed

Project Management is a waste of time and Developers are lazy introverts—at least, it depends who you ask. In this session, we discuss how Project Managers and Developers generally view each other and their projects, and propose strategies to create a happy, healthy, and successful project environment.

This conversation is valuable for individuals at all stages of their Agile journey. The issues being addressed may be more familiar to those who have been on the path longer, but the strategies proposed will be relevant and actionable for anyone when they inevitably encounter those situations.

Attendees will be guided through several common Agile processes to help gain a better understanding of the different ways Project Managers and Developers approach projects and their processes. Upon breaking down where conflicting views emerge, they will be equipped with some strategies to work through those differences and to help them build stronger and more effective teams.