Rob Lancia

Rob Lancia is an Agility Lead, Delivery Lead, and Scrum Master with CAS in Columbus, Ohio. With more than 30 years in Technology, Rob has succeeded in many other roles including Developer, Architect, Project Manager, Independent Consultant, Manager, and Product Owner, and has experience in a diversity of fields such as financial services, document management, insurance, product distribution, and electronic content management. Rob started at CAS more than 9 years ago as a technology manager, but his desire to fulfill his servant-leader destiny more holistically led him to sidestep into Agile leadership where he now spends his days. Rob continues on as one of the original members of the CAS Agile Community of Practice (ACoP) and the CAS Agility Center of Excellence (ACoE), and has helped lead the explosion of new learning styles at CAS, like our monthly ACoP Open Space meeting, our monthly ACoP Learning Series, and our quarterly ACoE Agility workshops.