Role of a Manager in an Agile Organization

Where is the role of the Manager in Scrum? The Scrum Guide does not address this role and it can lead to confusion when organizations undertake an agile transformation. It can be difficult for traditional managers to become Agile Leaders if their organization is still running on the old, top-down, directive model. It is exceedingly difficult for team members to adopt an agile mindset if their managers don’t understand and support the shift in paradigm. Come hear the experience of these Agile Leaders and how they are navigating the changing role of Manager in an Agile Organization.

Notes and comments

• Bill Gubser, Manager Delivery Practices and Methods, NiSource
• Dan Kohler, Technology Manager, AEP
• Kuya Manchanja, Strategic Initiatives Project Manager, CAS
• Angel Henry, Senior Director Value Management Office, Genesys