Chet Hendrickson & Ron Jeffries

Ron Jeffries has been developing software longer than most people have been alive. He holds advanced degrees in mathematics and computer science, both earned before negative integers had been invented. His teams have built operating systems, compilers, relational database systems, and a large range of applications. Ron’s software products have produced revenue of over half a billion dollars, and he wonders why he didn’t get any of it.

Chet Hendrickson has a quarter century’s experience in information technology and software development. He has been active in Agile software development since its beginning, and was the team leader on the Chrysler C3 project, the first project to follow all the practices of Extreme Programming. Chet was the first signatory of the Agile Manifesto.

They first presented the ideas that became Extreme Programming at the 1996 Smalltalk Solution conference. Since then, they have taught courses on many facets of XP across North America and Europe. In addition to their rightly famous “Small Card Planning Game”, they are often conference favorites with their unique combination of humor and insight.

Ron and Chet are the co-curators of the new Agile knowledge site,