Scaling Agile (Panel)

Facilitator – Daryl Kulak | 10:00 — 11:15

Daryl Kulak is a consultant, author and speaker with Pillar Technology.  His first book was “Use Cases: Requirements in Context” (Addison Wesley, 2003) which sold 30,000 copies and was translated into two languages. Daryl’s involvement in Agile dates back to the late 1990s, when he began experimenting with iterative/incremental processes in the software lifecycle. His upcoming book “Agile in the Enterprise” explores the complexities of scaling and sustaining Agile in the enterprise, using the power of systems thinking.

Learn about the complexities and compromises that come with scaling an Agile initiative to the enterprise level with our knowledgeable panel.  The initial Agile pilot is just a first step.  Once you engage groups like the PMO, Resource Management, HR and Corporate Methodology, things start to get interesting.  This will be a lively dialogue with the focus on your questions about various scalability issues. Our panel includes participants from various stages in scaling, from just beginning to more mature.

Andrew Clute is the Director of Product Engineering for McGraw-Hill School Education’s Center for Digital Innovation (CDI). He is responsible for the full product and software development lifecyle for MHSE’s core K-12 digital business. Before that, he was the Chief Information Office for the eTech Ohio Commission. Andrew holds a BS in Computer Science & Engineering from The Ohio State University, and an MBA in Finance from Capital University.

Molly Harr has worked in the field of Human Resources for over 12 years. Currently she works for Grange Insurance as the HR Business Partner supporting the IT, Corporate Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Personal Lines and PMO executive leadership team. Her areas of expertise include Talent Management, Employee Relations, Change Management and Organizational Development. Molly was an key member of the Agile transformation and implementation team at Grange Insurance.

Brian Knickle is a software deliver manager at Huntington Bank.  Brian began his career at Huntington Bank as a J2EE solution architect on a multiyear development effort. Brian has managed groups of solution architects and development teams for the past 4 years.   Last year Huntington built their first collaborative space and aligned 6 teams consisting of both business and technology to delivery our online and mobile portfolio to our customers.  Brian is now leading an “expansion of Agile” building the 2nd collaborative space and standing up 4 more agile teams.