Scaling Agile While Sherpa’s are Throwing Rocks

Scott Preston | 01:45 – 03:00


Agile is moving out of the team room and into the boardroom. With executives catching onto the success of agile, how will this affect the teams that started it all? What foundational elements can we put in place before portfolio managers and PMO’s take over agile within in an organization?

In this session we will look at factors critical to successfully scaling agile across the enterprise, patterns that will endanger its success, and discuss how the SAFe frameworks fits.


Brian is an Agile and Product coach for VersionOne. He has over 18 years of experience providing Project Management, Business Analysis, and Agile coaching on small to enterprise level projects in web and software development, process improvement, communications, healthcare education, marketing, aeronautics, mergers and consolidations, long distance telecom, wireless, distribution, and government industries. Since 2004, Brian has been an Agile transformation coach helping consulting software development teams, insurance, manufacturing, workers compensation, and government agencies realize the benefits of agile. In his spare time Brian enjoys golfing and craft beer.