The Central Ohio Agile Association presents:

The Path to Agility

and featuring The Path to Craftsmanship

May 24 + 25 2017
Columbus, Ohio


Keynote Speakers

Tim Ottinger

Tim is a long-time programmer (since 1979), contributing editor, reviewer, author. He has been active in Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Design, and Agile software development.

He is a consultant, programmer, tester, teacher, agile team coach, manager, and writer.

Tim is one of the crew of experts at Industrial Logic, a premier agile consultancy, eLearning vendor, and thought leader. Here he joins with Bill Wake, Joshua Kerievsky, Woody Zuill, Arlo Belshee, Mike Hill, and other industry experts to help people develop the skills that will make them awesome.

In addition to his contributions in “Clean Code” and “Agile In A Flash”, Tim’s articles appeared in the C++ Journal, Pragmatic Bookshelf, InfoQ, CIO, and SmartBear.

Tim muses about of his experiences and ideas on the Agile Otter blog and the Industrial Logic company blog.

Sandi Metz

Hi, I’m Sandi and I’m a programmer.

I’m also a teacher, author and sometime consultant, but I teach, write and consult about programming so it all starts here.

In the past 30+ years I have written innumerable applications, a surprising number of which are still running today. Dealing with long lived applications has left me deeply biased towards creating practical solutions that produce working software that is easy to change.

I believe in simplicity.  I strive for simple code and straightforward explanations, and while I won’t claim I always succeed, my work is improved by the humble attempt.  The fact that yesterday’s ideas seem imperfect today gives me confidence that I’m still learning; it’s a great pleasure to share this knowledge with you.

Christopher Avery @christopheraver

The Responsibility Process

I support leaders and leadership teams looking for a better, more productive way to live and lead. I’m convinced at least 95% of leadership is self-leadership. If you are not leading yourself in ways that free you to be who you are, then you can’t very well lead others to results that matter. My intent is to accelerate performance, success, and happiness while increasing personal degrees of freedom, choice, and power.

Author of “Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility” and of the book “Taking Responsibility: Leading Yourself and Authors to Freedom, Choice, and Power.” CEO of Partnerwerks, Inc., distributor of The Responsibility Process™ products and services. Host of The Leadership Gift Program™, for a better, more productive way to live and lead.

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